Current situation

2022 is a really difficult year for everyone who is involved in crypto. Venture Capitalists are losing money in DeFi, Mining, and Metaverse projects. In fact, only a very few projects brought huge ROI’s for VCs. Regular investors are losing even more because they invested in 2021-22 based on word of mouth tips, faith, and other emotions. As a result - we are seeing “Negative growth” with double digit numbers. And you, my reader, are a very lucky person if your funds decreased less than 30% this year. As a result for all of us - starter-uppers, investors, developers, users and crypto believers in general - a very stressful situation remains. And the main question that stews in all of our minds is: when will this damn crypto winter be over??

Apogee, culmination, or an end to the winter, mass-orgasmic psychosis?

In our opinion, and the opinion of many crypto/blockchain developers, the crypto winter should finish between Dec 2022 and June 2023. And for the stubborn reader who might say - “WTF?, Why such a wide and blurry forecast?” We would answer that it is not a forecast, it is an opinion.

Meanwhile, while L.A. startups and investors to crypto unicorns decide which car to choose - Tesla or Lambo (in addition to their 5 other cars in their garages) - 828 million people are starving because they do not have enough money. And some of these people, who also found their way into the crypto world, invest their last 100 USD in Luna or DogeCoin or try to fight out of poverty using DeFi or other amazing crypto tools, although very risky. Some of them do not have access to the banking system, some of them are in this situation by design of the elites. Anyway we are not judges of this world. We just want to say that apogee is very close or maybe even already there. And as usual, just like in any theater or movie, we humans want to have a main actor or the hero. And who knows, maybe Elon Musk is the guy who will be an Icon of the new world, and a leader who fights against the giant banks and bankers, or at least a big manipulator of the crypto world that helps foster mass crypto-adoption.

Twitter and Musk's new decision.

All of us are using twitter. The main reason is because we are crypto people and on Twitter you can immediately see any announcements from any crypto company. And although we do not know yet in what form, very soon Elon will make a strong step via Twitter that takes us all closer toward a crypto future. People such as Elon can do anything they want and thus are in a position to change the game. But all of us have a question: will Elon change the game and add one of the well-known crypto coins or tokens to the biggest business social media in the world? In our strong opinion; yes. And we can say even a bit more; it will happen in the next two weeks and will be a key event that will be a driver for a new bull run in crypto. Lets consider which cryptocurrencies might be added to twitter and what the probabilities are of it happening.

  1. Doge - chance to be added 99%
    With Dogecoin, there are very clear indications. Elon is a big fan of this coin, it does not belong to anyone, and technically it works just like Litecoin. But there is another very interesting potential reason: For some time, Elon has been buying huge amounts of Dogecoin and probably continues to do so now, and in our opinion, with the sole purpose he will recouping his costs for the purchase of Twitter when the price of DogeCoin pumps due to the news of the purchase of Twitter. It is one opinion, but it could be true.
  2. Ethereum - chance to be added 80%
    Ethereum has 210 million addresses (etherscan) and approximately 50-60 million active users. This is the most successful crypto in the world and many crypto companies use ETH and USDT (ERC-20) on a daily basis for payment of operational expenditures. However, there is a chance that Elon will not add it right now because technically you need to be prepared for such an integration and this would take time.
  3. BNB - chance to be added 90%
    BNB is a fork of ETH. CZ (Chapman Zhao) naturally, actively promotes this token. Besides he knows personally Elon Musk and he has also invested $500 Million in the purchase of Twitter by Elon. So it is a big chance that BNB will be added soon.
  4. Litecoin - chance to be added 35%
    It is terribly sad to say it, but Litecoin is not “crypto silver” anymore. Its user base is not growing anymore. Technically you can not build anything on top of this blockchain.
  5. Matic - chance to be added 75%
    Chances are a bit smaller than ETH but there is a very interesting historical fact: Sandeep the Founder of Polygon had support from the Binance team and CZ when they started the Polygon project. Together with the Binance team they did a pump & dump scheme and still hold a big portion of those tokens. It is a dark part of the project but it is crypto and it means that CZ can lobby the project and ask Elon to add this token later to twitter. Technically, Matic is super attractive for listing on Twitter and for using Matic as the NFT blockchain for Twitter. Elon Musk already mentioned NFTs on Twitter.
  6. Bitcoin - chance to be added 30%
    Bitcoin is a great coin to accumulate as an asset for the long term. As a payment method it is not so good due to its volatility, therefore it does not make sense to use in Twitter at this moment.
  7. XRP - chance to be added 10%
    Ripple is a very popular cryptocurrency in the USA (actually it is a kind of digital money). But outside of the USA it is not. And we are sure that Elon knows that. So we feel the chance that it will be added to the international social media Twitter is quite low.

In addition, we can say that any decision about any listing on Twitter, will be super positive for the crypto in general. And we can say the ice has at least started moving. All of us are waiting for the crypto spring.

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