A World of Black and White Created from a Piece of Paper Collection by Kiriken Masayo

Masayo Fukuda is a Kirigami artist known as "Masayo Kiriken". Her work is "a world of black and white using only one sheet of white paper.

When she was a high school student, she suddenly felt that her message cards were not enough and started to cut them into heart shapes, which led her to paper cutting. She has been teaching herself to cut pictures for more than 30 years since then. She combines her drawing ability, which she has been honing since childhood, with his cutting technique, which is regarded as a superb technique, to create works with a three-dimensional feel and full of life that cannot be believed to have been created from a single piece of connected paper.

She is obsessed with "expressing living things without expression", and aims to express the unassuming way of life of living creatures in the natural world through her straight, dignified eyes. For this reason, the impressions received from her works vary from person to person. Her work has been highly praised by experts in Europe and the United States, and she actively participates in auctions and exhibitions all over the world. She uses only white paper, a mechanical pencil, a design cutter, a cutter mat, and a penlight.


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Kiriken Masayo

Kiriken Masayo

<Masayo's Voice>:

"I aim to create beautiful and delicate art like a pencil drawing in a monochromatic world drawn by cutting out a sheet of paper. We aim to create works that are realistic, beautiful, delicate, and have a sense of presence and three-dimensionality. I believe that there is a lot of fun to be had in this world of limitations.

"A world of black and white, using only one sheet of white paper. How far can I express myself only by cutting out with a design knife?

I have been obsessed with this for a long time.

"No coloring. No folding. I don't use shadow effects. It's all connected into one piece." However, I was fascinated by the sense of accomplishment I felt when I was able to create a satisfying expression with only a limited number of techniques.

I started out with a single heart-shaped paper cutout and gradually became more and more complex, and through repeated trial and error, I aimed to create a natural work with shade and depth, using a method of expression that I was originally good at, and ended up with my current expression, "a world of black and white using only a sheet of white paper."

Another of my passions is to express living things without expression. Aside from animals that have been deeply involved with people as pets, I have always thought that animals living in the natural world do not envy better circumstances or grieve over their own situation, but rather look at their own situation without hesitation. I aim to express their straightforward and dignified gaze. I leave it up to the viewer to decide how you will perceive the expression.

I sometimes receive very different comments on the same single picture, such as "it looks gentle," "it looks melancholy," or "it looks strange."

I am happy if each person who sees my work and completes it in his or her own way, in their own minds, for example, "This is a work with a gentle gaze.

In the future, I may receive various pieces of advice such as "why don't you add color" or "why don't you use shadows?

I would appreciate it if you would warmly watch over my stubbornness and allow me to continue creating with simplicity."

<W2STUDIO President, Mr. Watari's voice>:

This art item uses the same tanto paper as the original work, and faithfully reproduces the ultra-precise cutouts of the original work. One of the characteristics of Mr. Fukuda's works is that they are ultra-precise paper cutouts that require precision of 0.01 to 0.1mm. To recreate this, I decided to use a laser cutting machine, and selected a paper suitable for laser processing by repeating various experiments among more than several hundred types of tanto paper. We made special jigs and tools to improve the precision of the cut, and even then, we used a magnifying glass to check and adjust the ultra-detailed parts that could not be reproduced by laser cutting. The finishing touches include eliminating fine cut dust and burnt areas, and many other manual processes from start to finish. The result is an art item that we can confidently recommend as "as good as Mr. Fukuda's original work.We hope you will pick it up and enjoy the world of Ms. Fukuda.

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