Tom Badley is an artist with a unique method and proprietary knowledge. He uses the little- understood techniques of banknote design to create highly detailed digital NFTs and physical prints with the same authenticity as money itself.

He quickly found success early in the NFT world - printing money and minting NFTs are almost synonymous; his work frequently celebrates cryptocurrency itself, the pionneers in the space, and elevates throwaway memes to the level of fine art. Most of all, Tom wants to give the brand of cryptocurrency the same gravitas as printed money - with all its mystery, authenticity and artfulness.

Humans find meaning in the same symbols throughout history. The Cryptocurrency space is filled with its own symbols: bulls, bears, alpacas, lions, kittens, rainbows, moons, astronauts and apes/monkeys. Tom Badley aims to unite craft and tradition with contemporary themes to communicate something eternal about our money and aspirations.

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